International Peer Review

A collaborative cross-institutional project for the enhancement of students' international experiences.

Under the auspices of a recent U21 Education Innovation Grant, members of the U21 network participated in a two-day cross-institutional workshop at the University of Hong Kong aimed at capitalising on 2012 U21 Award-winning work undertaken by members of the U21 Health Sciences Group and establishing a collaborative cross-institutional project targeting enhancement of students’ international experiences and global citizenship through online engagement.

From the workshop, three areas of peer review collaboration were pinpointed, each falling under the general banner of ‘Internationalisation in Higher Education’.

The first project is entitled ‘The Ideal School’ and is a collaboration between Lund, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Auckland and Dublin. Each faculty assigns a task to a student group that results in creating “the ideal school” on a website. The faculty student groups peer review each other’s ideal schools resulting in a report on the impact of the international perspective on professional identity and development.

The second is about lesson planning for novice teachers, giving those studying a BEd programme the opportunity to exchange ideas, at this first stage between students at UNSW Australia and the University of Hong Kong.

The third project revolves around comparative research, in the form of group projects in which students will research a topic and compare practices, perceptions and cultural perspectives between two countries – in this first iteration the collaboration is between Australia and Hong Kong.

The overarching objectives of the three initiatives are to embed an international perspective in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes, reflect university missions and graduate attributes of ‘global citizenship’ and conceive internationalisation projects that build in multiple perspectives within the ‘at home’ curriculum.

A full report from the workshop can be found below and reports on the three projects will be available as they progress.

Dr Susan Bridges, Professor Stephen Andrews, Dr Ming-fai Pang
Workshop Co-convenors (HKU)