Graduate Fellowship and Travel Opportunities

Information on travel scholarships or funding opportunities for graduates from U21 universities.

Below is a list of Universitas 21 universities which offer travel scholarships or funding opportunities to graduates from around the U21 network. 


University of Auckland

The University of Auckland Universitas 21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarships were established in 2007 to support University of Auckland doctoral students who wish to undertake short term visits and placements at other Universitas 21 institutions.

Selection Process:

  • The Scholarships shall be available to students enrolled fulltime at The University of Auckland who have paid the fees or have arranged to pay the fees, for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or the research component of another approved Doctorate. Applicants must be within 36 months of doctoral registration at time of application.
  • Applications for the Scholarships must be made on the application form available from The University of Auckland Scholarships Office. There is no closing date for applications. Applications will be assessed at the monthly meetings of Scholarships Sub-Committee.
  • The scholarships are awarded by the University of Auckland Council on the recommendation of the Scholarships Sub-Committee of Education Committee

The basis of selection will be:

  • Academic merit
  • Proposal outlining the work to be undertaken and expected benefits of the short term visit/placement.

Further information and application forms can be found


University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham students only, can apply for UoB's PhD Scholarships offered on an annual basis.


University of British Columbia

Graduate Student Travel Fund -

UBC graduate students are eligible for reimbursement from the Graduate Student Travel Fund once per degree program. The Travel Fund provides travel support to a maximum of $400 per graduate student.

Killam Fellowship Travel and Research Allowance -

The Killam Trusts provides UBC Killam Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Fellows with an allowance to promote travel for research and to attend and/or present at academic meetings. The annual value is up to $2,000 for doctoral students over the 24-month tenure of the fellowship and up to $6000 for Postdoctoral Fellows over the 24-month tenure of the fellowship. Only current Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Killam Doctoral Fellows are eligible for the Killam Allowance.


University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) offers conference grant and travel grant to HKU's MPhil and PhD students.  The students can apply for the grant to attend a conference to present a paper or poster, or to undertake international academic training activities.  At present the grants are only awarded internally within HKU.

Further details can be found at (only accessible to HKU students)

University of Maryland

International Graduate Research Fellowships

The University of Maryland provides support for both incoming and outgoing graduate students who wish to undertake an international collaborative research experience. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.