Contact your international office

The international office at your own university is the first port of call for questions about studying abroad through U21.

While the Universitas 21 Secretariat oversees the events that are on offer to students across the network, each member institution is responsible for making sure that their students are able to take up the opportunities available. If you are interested in taking part in any of the U21 events, have questions about how you can get involved or want to know more about studying at any of the U21 members, please contact your own International Office. The International Office is often a good first stop for graduate and post-graduate students as well, although the Dean of Graduate Studies at your university should also be able to help you (see the DDoGS pages in the "Collaborations" section for more information).

University of Melbourne        

UNSW Australia

University of Queensland   


University of British Columbia


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 



Fudan University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Hong Kong
University of Hong Kong


Waseda University


University of Delhi


University College Dublin                             


Tecnológico de Monterrey          


The Netherlands
University of Amsterdam


New Zealand
University of Auckland                  


National University of Singapore


South Africa
University of Johannesburg


South Korea
Korea University


University of Zurich

Lund University                                


United Kingdom
University of Birmingham

University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow

University of Nottingham


United States of America
University of Connecticut        

University of Maryland