Undergraduate Research Conference 2015

The 2015 URC took place at the University of Auckland from 6 to10 July. 51 students and 8 staff from 19 member universities attended this eleventh U21 URC. They had the opportunity to showcase their research, connect with students from around the world, and also experience first-hand the beauty of Auckland, New Zealand, its indigenous culture and what the residents call ‘Kiwi hospitality’.

Peoples and Places

Our world is one of astonishing environmental and cultural diversity that is in a state of constant and often rapid transformation.  Peoples and places interact in a myriad of ways, on scales ranging from local to global, shaping both human experiences and the landscapes that surround us. 

A country of diverse landscapes, New Zealand or Aotearoa (in Maori) is made up of magnificent islands flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea.  One of the last major land masses to be settled by humans, it is now home to people from more than 200 ethnic groups, not to mention 70,000 native plant and animal species and over 60 volcanoes!  It is a vibrant representation of the conference theme – Peoples and Places.