International Student Experience Open House

Start Date
18 April 2013
End Date
18 April 2013
University of Glasgow, UK
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The University of Glasgow is delighted to invite U21 colleagues to an Open House event to discuss and share experiences on international student integration.

The event will be of interest to staff leading and working within student services, international offices and student support. Event co-ordinators are keen to draw experience from across the U21 network and welcome further offers for workshop facilitation. The event will offer a series of workshops exploring the following themes:

  • The role of support services in the student experience/ how we identify best practice/ what that means – student satisfaction (e.g. as measured by ISB), value and impact of services
  • Student mental health wellbeing
  • Role of sport and recreation in integration and well being
  • Faith communities – Interfaith chaplaincies and role of honorary chaplains/links with local faith communities
  • Support for families of international students
  • Volunteering opportunities for local and international students and role of student bodies
  • Classroom initiatives to improve integration
  • Induction and orientation

There will also be opportunity for networking with colleagues and sharing good practice informally, as well as an informal dinner on the night of 17 April.

Please note that University of Glasgow will be hosting its annual Teaching & Learning Conference on 19th April, should anyone wish to make a combined visit to both events. 

Please see the 'Programme of Events' pdf for more information about how the Open House will run.

Sarah Ward