Provost Statement: THE World's Most International Universities 2017

05 February 2017
Fourteen member universities published in Times Higher Education ranking of World's Most International Universities 2017

Universitas 21 has pleasure in announcing that fourteen of our twenty-five member universities appear in the recently published Times Higher Education ranking of The World’s Most International Universities 2017.  This is a significant endorsement of one of Universitas 21's underlying principles, which is valuing and fostering a truly international dialogue across a worldwide network of top-class research-intensive universities.

At this time it is important to remember that Universitas 21 was founded twenty years ago to celebrate and benefit from internationalisation in global higher education. As Provost of Universitas 21, I make a commitment that the U21 team intend to work even harder to create effective, usable network environments that bring staff and students in the network together and encourage open debate and the meeting of minds from different cultural and political standpoints. We will continue to support cross-national teaching and research structures that emphasise the importance of internationalisation and the exchange of ideas on the worldwide educational stage. Universitas 21 members collectively enrol over 1.3 million students. The U21 team will continue to concentrate their efforts towards creating individual and shared international experiences for students, both real and virtual, that enhance their education and professional development. Our goal is to collaborate with our worldwide members in preparing students who are ambassadors for their countries and who can live and work effectively and optimistically across national borders and cultural boundaries, without fear and suspicion of difference.


Professor Bairbre Redmond

Provost, Universitas 21


You can see the full list and rankings report by clicking the link in the article, or on Twitter via the #InternationalAndProud

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