U21@21 Award Funding Winners!

02 February 2018
Congratulations to all our U21@21 Award Funding Winners!
To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the founding of Universitas 21, extra funding was offered on a competitive basis for projects, initiatives and events, to be held in 2018, which would help to demonstrate the value of Universitas 21 to students, staff, academics and broader external audiences.
The objective of the competition was to celebrate the success of the global U21 network and increase its profile within our member institutions and across the wider international Higher Education community.
In all, twenty-nine applications were submitted for funding and these were shortlisted against the published
criteria for funding by our panellists. All entries have now been judged and we are delighted to announce that
eight projects will receive support, all of which will help to celebrate U21@21.
  • Congratulations to all our 21@21 Award Funding Winners!
Please see the attached document for details of the winning projects.
U21@21 – How the Competition Worked
  • Up to $40k of funding was made available to support a range of innovative initiatives, which would have a positive impact on members’ staff and / or students.
  • All academics, professional services staff and students (with the direct support of a staff advocate) within U21 institutions were invited to bid for a share of the fund.
  • U21 looked to support as broad a range of staff and student led projects as possible, particularly if the proposal demonstrates wide institutional cooperation and impacts on staff / students from more than one U21 member.
  • Decisions were made by a small panel including the Chair of the Senior Leaders Group, U21 Provost, U21 Director of Operations and staff and student representatives.
  • All winners will be required to deliver a short report on their project, if possible a short video, which will be included in communications surrounding U21@21 and may be shared online via the website and social media.
In order to receive funding, a successful project had to demonstrate that it:
  • supported the main strategic objective of U21, which is to promote the value and benefits of Internationalisation;
  • offered a unique opportunity to enrich the staff and student experience within the institution;
  • was designed to positively impact on raising the profile of U21 – projects that have an impact on individuals from more than one member were particularly welcomed;
  • could be badged in some way to recognise and celebrate U21@21;
  • was not going to happen anyway – this fund was not intended to provide substitute funding for an existing project;
  • had the support of its U21 Senior Leader (and a relevant staff advocate for applications from students).
All successful applications:
  • Provided full and realistic costs for their project;
  • Explained clearly how the money will be used;
  • Showed how they intend to measure its impact and report back to U21 on the impact of the project;
  • Agreed for awarded funds to be spent by the end of October 2018 with all projects to be completed /delivered by the end of November 2018 at the latest.
  • Explained how they plan to promote the fact that U21 funding made this project possible.
“The U21@21 fund has been designed to share resources to support projects that will have a high impact on
staff and students across the whole network. This is a very good opportunity to demonstrate how U21 seeks to
offer value to staff and students by making a difference to their day-to- day experience, and that encourages
innovative cross-university collaborations. I congratulate all those who entered the competition which is a fitting
initiative to mark U21’s 21st anniversary year."
Professor Sir David Eastwood, Chair of U21

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all applicants for the time and effort involved in submitting entries, it was a great pleasure to read all the ideas from across the network and hard to choose winners from such a high-quality pool. We look forward to sharing the impact of the winning projects over the coming months and are excited to see how these eight projects will develop during this very special anniversary year for U21.”
Prof Bairbre Redmond, Provost U21