Scottish Cultural Landscapes: Nation, Heritage and the Arts - U21 Summer School Scholarships 2020

U21 is pleased to offer 27 partial scholarships to our partner Summer School for 2020, hosted by the University of Glasgow!

Glasgow University building
The programme

Scottish Cultural Landscapes: Nation, Heritage and the Arts will give students across all disciplines a unique perspective on contemporary cultural practices with an analysis of their historical, cultural and socio-economic roots. Alongside the academic programme, excursions and social activities will create a true Scottish experience!

This summer school is not available for open enrollment, so take advantage of this great opportunity today.

The U21 Scholarship scheme

Each U21 university may nominate one student to attend the summer school at an exclusive 25% discount (£1995).*

Please complete the nomination form below. You will then need to apply separately to University of Glasgow to confirm your place at the summer school.

1. NOMINATE A STUDENT (institution to complete) 2. APPLY TO UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW (student to complete)

Why go to the U21 Supported Summer School?

  1. Students from U21 get access to an exclusive fee discount of 25%, offered jointly by the University of Glasgow and U21.

  2. This course attracts students from a variety of different disciplines who are interested in how cultural assets relating to their discipline are used to communicate with the public both locally and internationally. The International Summer School course is hosted by the College of Arts and the Hunterian museum. The Hunterian is one of the leading university museums in the world and its collections have been recognised as a Collection of National Significance. It is one of Scotland’s most important cultural assets. The Hunterian continues in its Age of Enlightenment mission to be a central resource for research and teaching in the arts, humanities and natural and medical sciences, attracting scholars and visitors from around the world.  The course will be an introduction to contemporary cultural practices with an analysis of their historical, cultural and socio-economic roots. To date this course has attracted international students from a variety of disciplines, each student brings a unique perspective. Students are challenged to consider the cultural assets, exhibits, locations and venues during their time in Glasgow and relate them to their home environments and localities as well as their disciplines.  

  3. The summer school directly accords with U21’s commitment to increasing the appreciation of internationalisation and widening students' overall global perspective.

  4. The course is specifically designed for an international audience, allowing students to explore the local cultural context as the primary case study and compare it to the variety of their own cultural and disciplinary contexts.  

  5. In addition to the academic programme, students are also part of a larger cohort of upwards of 750 international students across approximately 29 different courses within the University of Glasgow International Summer School. The potential therefore for cultural exchange and networking is extremely wide and varied. This is supported by various weekend trips around Scotland as well as social events in the evenings.


University accommodation is available at £479.00 for the duration of the summer school. Students/institutions are free to arrange other accommodation.

How the partial scholarship works
  1. Students/staff must complete the U21 Scholarship nomination form (above) and the Univeristy of Glasgow's application form.
  2. University of Glasgow will charge a discounted fee to applicants. This will equate to a 10% discount. This may be paid either by students or by sending institutions.
  3. If students/institutions wish to use university accommodation, a separate fee of £479 will be due.
  4. U21 will send the scholarship value of £390 to the sending institution once the nomination form and Glasgow application form is completed. This will equate to a total discount of 25%.
How to enrol with the University of Glasgow
  • Once your student has been nominated, they will need to complete the Glasgow online application.
  • Each student will be required to attach a ‘sponsor letter’ from their sending institution to their application which will indicate that their sending  institution has to be invoiced for their fee.

A sponsor letter should:

  • be on the student’s home institution letter head
  • name the student in question and confirm what costs the home institution is guaranteeing to pay, on receipt of invoice, for that student to attend the International Summer School in Academic Session 2019/2020 e.g. tuition fee and/or accommodation costs
  • give the name of the person to whom the invoice should be sent together with contact mailing and email address
  • be dated and signed

*Students may not apply directly to access the 25% discount. Please contact your university's international office for information about how to apply for the nominated place.

If you are a student applying independently of your university, or you are an institution wishing to send more than one student to Glasgow, please apply to one of the open courses instead. You will access a partner discount of 10% on the standard enrollment fee.

Contact details

For more information, contact Caroline Hetherington

Application deadline