Data Sharing (DS³) Collaborative Group

The U21 Data Sharing Supporting Strategy (DS³) Collaborative Group will promote and contribute to the sharing of expertise, performance indicators and measures, and data sharing across institutions, to support and inform strategic planning within and across the Universitas 21 (U21) network institutions.  The strategic priorities and the annual workplan for the group will be formulated by the DS³ Steering Committee, who will oversee the activities of the collaborative group.

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The DS³ Collaborative Group will meet annually (Annual Symposium) to review activities, and address strategic planning issues of significant importance in higher education institutions.  

You can view the recordings from their seminar series in November 2021 on our webinars page.

DS³ Collaborative Group Strategic Aims

The DS³ Collaborative Group will offer benefits to both the U21 network as a whole, and to the individual network institutions.  The Group aims to:

  • Provide a trusted, reliable source of validated data and data analyses.
  • Produce evidence to support institutional planning, policy and decision-making.
  • Provide data analyses to contribute to the wider knowledge of how the network and individual institutions function.
  • Support Senior Leaders and Clusters through provision of information and analyses supporting their strategic aims.
  • Develop a mechanism for institutional benchmarking and periodic review.

DS³ Steering Committee Membership

The DS³ Steering Committee is chaired by the Lead of the DS³ Collaborative Group. The membership of the Steering Committee will be determined by the Chair in consultation with the other existing members of the Steering Committee, and appointments will be made to ensure geographical diversity and representation. No more than one committee member per U21 member university will be permitted, however co-option will be considered where specialist expertise is desired.  Co-opted members will not be granted voting rights.

The DS³ Steering Committee will meet at least twice per year by teleconference, and face-to-face annually, at the DS³ Collaborative Group Annual Symposium.

Terms of Reference for Steering Committee

  • To support and strengthen the U21 network and network institutions’ strategic planning capabilities through collaborative data sharing
  • To work collaboratively with the U21 Clusters on identified issues of key strategic importance
  • To formulate the strategic priorities and the annual workplan for the DS³ Collaborative Group
  • To identify funding opportunities to support the DS3Collaborative Group’s activities
  • To organise the DS³ Collaborative Group Annual Symposium
  • To provide regular reporting to the Provost of U21


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