Pledging your support

Across U21, our students have been motivated to launch their own social innovation and sustainable development ventures, to address the needs they have found in their own communities and further afield.

Through the U21 RISE Showcase, the best projects across the global U21 network are all pitching for your support. This could be an offer of mentoring, some expert advice, or even some hands-on support. Whether you can offer an hour over Zoom to share your expertise, or you are inspired to get involved with their work yourself, your support could make all the difference.

The RISE 2023/24 showcase is now open for pledges!

View RISE 2023/24 showcase


How can I make a pledge?

You can watch the students’ short video pitches via the link above and decide which project(s) you would like to support. You'll just need to complete a very brief form to get started. All your details will be stored securely in line with our Data Policy.

What can I pledge?

The short answer: whatever you can offer! Our suggested pledges are Give Advice, Mentor, Collaboration, and Connections. When you make your pledge, we'll ask for you to briefly introduce yourself to the team and explain your pledge in a little more detail.

Can I make a financial contribution to a project?

Through our pledging form, we aren't directly accepting any financial contributions, but please outline your idea so we can get back to you, in particular, whether you are interested in making a donation, investment, or other financial contribution.

Please note: U21 will not be involved in the direct transfer of funds, which would be arranged between the project team and yourself. U21 accepts no responsibility for the management or spending of funds that are transferred to a project team.

I don't have much time - can I still make a pledge?

Absolutely. Our pledges system is designed for you to offer whatever time you have. What might be a quick job for you could make a huge difference to these students. For example...

  • 5 minutes - Make a virtual connection for a project team to someone in your network who might be able to work with them.
  • 15-30 minutes - Offer feedback on their business case or marketing material
  • 30-60 minutes - Offer to skype the team and share some expertise

What happens next?

Your pledge will be sent directly to U21 who will review it, to ensure it meets our guidelines, and pass onto the student teams. They will then make contact with you directly, but U21 and their home institutions will be on hand to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Pledge guidelines

  • Please only make an offer that you are committed to delivering, although we understand that unforeseen barriers may arise, or circumstances change.
  • While these student teams will be very excited to start working with new partners, it is important to note that they may face practical barriers, particularly financial, in engaging with certain opportunities (eg requiring travel).
  • These student projects are all focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and pledges received should maintain the ethos of sustainable development.