U21/PwC Innovation Challenge

As part of our ongoing focus to deliver the most impactful programmes,  we are rethinking how we deliver the U21/PwC Innovation Challenge. This programme will not run in 2023. More information will be given shortly.

The format of the competition is designed to encourage international collaboration and networking between students across borders and allow them to work together on real-world challenges.  

Students taking part will:

  • Develop strong communication skills

  • Create their own professional networks  

  • Take on real-world challenges  

  • Connect with other students across the globe 

The Innovation Challenge has previously taken place in two parts:

Individual Challenge (Phase 1): In an individual three-minute video, entrants from U21 network universities will respond to a challenge question (as in previous iterations of the competition).  

Team Challenge Phase (Phase 2): Successful finalists from Phase 1 (put forward by their universities to U21) will participate in a Team Challenge responding to a further question in assigned groups. These groups will then ‘pitch’ their response to a panel.  

Prize: There will be one winning team selected from the final pitches to the judging panel. The winning team will be awarded with highly rated bespoke career coaching with the PwC Academy. All elements of the competition will take place online.   

What will graduate students gain by participating? 

The challenge offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to ‘real-world’ situations and reflect on their own experiences via a short three-minute video. The videos are judged by PwC and their clients, who are leaders in graduate career development. Winners will also gain the opportunity to receive expert guidance on reaching their career goals.     As a result of taking part, students will: 

  • Establish an international peer network for collaboration and support 

  • Develop creative and innovative approaches to problem solving 

  • Establish their professional networks by being connected with PwC and their clients 

Previous U21/PwC Innovation Challenges

Each year, U21 and PwC set a new theme for our Innovation Challenge. You can view past entries below.

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