U21 Global Citizens - On Demand

U21 Global Citizens On Demand

Universitas 21 Global Citizens is an online leadership development course. This On Demand version of the programme allows any student at a U21 university to access content to develop the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century whilst tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems, outlined in the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

On Demand programmes offer complete flexibility to learn with and from peers globally around your existing academic and other commitments. 

To gain access to the U21 Global Citizens - On Demand programme 

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Upon completion of the above registration form you will be contacted by Common Purpose within 5 working day with you log in information to access the platform.

What do I get for taking part in the course?

Upon completion of the course all participants will be:

  • Equipped to take rapid action on the Sustainable Development Goal that you choose.
  • Able to step outwards and collaborate with diverse networks.
  • Ready to challenge preconceptions and better inform people’s perspectives.
  • Better equipped to operate across hierarchies.
  • Better prepared to live and maintain your values and integrity.

All participants who complete the end of programme's final assessment will:

  • Receive a U21/Common Purpose certificate which you can display on your LinkedIn profile, demonstrating that you have developed the skills to tackle complex global issues and stand up as a leader.
  • Gain access to the Common Purpose alumni community, with access to global leaders and opportunities to engage virtually.
  • Be in a position to move forward as an individual or with a group of like-minded individuals to progress their sustainable development goal.