The International Summer School 2019 - Malaysia Campus

Expand your horizons at the summer programme at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus - hosts of the U21 Summer School Scholarship programme!

The programme is organised for 2 weeks and  includes social & cultural activities, visits and field trips. A team of current Nottingham Malaysia students are your 24/7 guides, informants and collaborators, ensuring that you benefit from the latest local knowledge from your peers.

Participants are able to use the campus facilities. Classes are scheduled from 9.30am to 2.30pm, inclusive of field trips.

The cost includes:

  • All tuition and classroom support cost
  • Accommodation on campus for the entire duration of the programme - a single room with an attached bathroom (should you choose to stay off campus, any additional cost incurred on accommodation will be self-borne - and No reduction of fee).
  • 2 Cultural and social programmes (2 days 1 night stay in a historical city called Malacca as well as a trip to Kuala Lumpur; Batu Caves, Central Market and etc)
  • Breakfasts on the days with classes. On the days during field trips, meals will only be available as stated in the itinerary Welcome Dinner with cultural performance
  • Farewell lunch + A certificate of participation
The summer school cohort
The 2018 Summer School cohort

U21 Scholarship Programme

U21 is pleased to announce that the University of Nottingham Malaysia International Summer School will host U21 Scholarship Students again in 2019!

15 partial scholarship places are on offer (maximum of 1 per university). Students are required to complete a personal statement (max 500 words) answering the question 'How will you challenge yourself on this programme to expand your global outlook?'.

As part of the scholarship cohort, students will be asked to undertake a special group task on the theme of 'Global Citizenship and Intercultural Experiences'. 

These scholarships are worth over $300 USD each, reducing the cost of the programme to approximately $580.

This special scholarship rate is not accessible without nomination by the university and approval by U21. 

Should you be unsuccessful, you will still be entitled to a special reduced fee of RM3750 (US $910).

Learn about the 2018 Summer School

How do I apply?

Students - contact your international office

Staff - nominate a student

Deadline for nominations to the scholarship programme is 13 May 2019
Contact details

Anushia Thamotharem