Global Ingenuity Challenge

An online competition for interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate students to find solutions to real-life problems.

GIC 2018

Student teams at GIC 2018, University of Nottingham
Teams at the University of Nottingham developing their ideas

The theme for the GIC 2018 is Global Issues: Student Responses. Registration is now closed - please check back on this page to see updates from the 2018 round or news about registering for 2019.

How does it work?

The GIC is an online challenge, run on the interactive web-based system ingenuityonline. It is sponsored by U21 and facilitated by the developers, The Haydn Green Institute for Enterprise and Innovation, based at the University of Nottingham UK. Each year the competition has a new theme, chosen to address real-world challenges. Where teams come up with a high-quality, implementable concept, then there is also a chance for them to realise their ideas on their home campus.

Update from GIC Winners 2017

Information for students

Why should I take part?

  • Build your collaborative problem-solving skill set and meet new people
  • Receive a letter of commendation for participating - and $500 if you win
  • The chance to turn your idea into a real venture

What is required of me?

Your team’s task will be to produce a 3-minute video in response to the theme. You can find examples of previous themes and videos here. Once your team is registered on the ingenuity online platform, you will have a two-week period during which you should commit a minimum of 10 hours to complete the challenge. Your team will be assigned an Ingenuity Facilitator, a member of staff at your university, who will provide support throughout the competition.

Information for member institutions

Is there a registration fee?

The participation fee for the first team from each member institution is covered by U21. Additional teams (up to four teams per member) are welcome to participate, at a registration fee of £175 per team.

How do we register teams?

Each participating university must select one Ingenuity Facilitator (member of staff) to assist their student team/s prepare their submission. The Ingenuity Facilitator should email to register their team/s.

What is required of Ingenuity Facilitators?

  • To act as the contact point in their university with U21, collate votes cast by their student team(s) for the Peers’ Choice Award, and distribute any awards and prizes to the student participants
  • To support their student team(s) in a mentoring role over the course of the two-week challenge
  • A commitment of approx. 5-6 hours to the GIC (with an extra hour per additional team)
Application deadline

The GIC is open to teams of 3-5 undergraduate students at a U21 member institution. If you are interested in participating in the next round, please contact your university’s international office. There may be an internal selection process. Each team that is registered for the GIC will be assigned an Ingenuity Facilitator who will be a member of staff at your university and will support you throughout the competition.