The Gilbert Medal Award


The Gilbert Award recognises outstanding achievement in the internationalisation of higher education, named in honour of Professor Alan Gilbert, founder of the Universitas 21 network and major lifelong proponent of the benefits of internationalisation.

Universitas 21 is delighted to present this award annually in recognition of outstanding achievement in the internationalisation of higher education, which both honours the vision of the late Professor Alan Gilbert who died in July 2010, and celebrates some of the core objectives of the Universitas 21 network: increasing understanding, trust and partnership between international universities; enhancing teaching, learning and research across physical boundaries; and strengthening collaboration between like-minded universities across the world.

The Gilbert Medal is awarded annually to a person of international standing and all faculty, staff and the student body members within the U21 network are able to nominate inspirational figures. Presidents and Vice Chancellors of U21 institutions decide on the winner, who is invited to receive their award at a ceremony at the Annual Presidential Meeting. The first award was presented at Lund University in May 2012.Students at Lund University were given the opportunity to participate by designing the medal to be presented. The competition, which was launched at the end of 2011, was open to all students of Industrial Design and Architecture at Lund and the selection panel looked for a design which both captures aspects of international education and illustrates that the 2012 medal originated from Lund University.  Piotr Szpryngwald and Mirko Ihrig won the competition with a design that Birmingham-based jewellers W H Darby with their long history of craftsmanship called "simply stunning". All the following years' designs are based upon the inaugural medal, tailoring each to the award ceremony venue.