Success Stories

My year on exchange in Edinburgh

Kimberly Humphries

I can honestly say that taking part in the University of Auckland student exchange programme was one of the best experiences of my life. I spent a year studying at the University of Edinburgh during which time, I made many lifelong friends, got to experience living in an amazing city, as well as enjoying a challenging but very interesting 3rd year academic programme taught by world-class lecturers.


Winner of the U21 3MT® 2017

Dr Sammy Ramsey, Winner of the U21 3MT® competition 2017

I would characterize this experience as challenging but in the best way possible. Ph.D. programs teach us complex technical terms and opaque jargon. Reliance on them can make our entire field inaccessible to the people most in need of our insight. Being forced to explain your work simply, forces you to approach it differently; to understand it better.


Lasting impact: Global Ingenuity Challenge 2017

The submissions to the Global Ingenuity Challenge 2017 were of such a high standard that the winning teams, from the University of Amsterdam and the University of Nottingham, are both receiving additional support from their universities to implement their ideas. 


Student Social Entrepreneurship in Ecuador

The Universitas 21 Social Entrepreneur Corps provided students with an opportunity to work side-by-side with field professionals and social entrepreneurs in Latin America. In this immersive programme students lived with local families, visiting non-profit organisations, studying Spanish and participating in individual and group development projects in rural locations.