Senior Leaders' Group

Each member university nominates one senior member of staff as a U21 Senior Leader, to take an active liaison role with the U21 network and the network administration. The U21 Senior Leader, with support in their own university, acts a channel of communication, ensuring that relevant colleagues in their own university are informed about opportunities for students and staff arising from membership of U21. Typically, the Senior Leader holds a very senior post in their university with sufficient seniority to speak and make decisions on behalf of their own university and sufficient awareness of the international higher education policy and strategy to be able to contribute to the network’s debates and decision making. The Provost works closely with Senior Leaders and particularly with the Chair of the Senior Leaders' Network. The Senior Leaders meet twice a year in face-to-face meetings.

Chair of the Senior Leaders' Group

Professor Jenny Dixon, University of Auckland

Key Contact


  • University of Maryland

    The 2019 U21 AGM and Annual Presidential Meetings took place at the University of Maryland, 1 - 3 May 2019. 

    Presidents and Vice Chancellors of U21 member universities, along with U21 Senior Leaders, attended the 2019 Annual Network Meeting and Presidential Symposium, hosted by the University of Maryland.

    1-3 May 2019
  • University of Auckland

    The 2019 Senior Leaders' meeting will take place at the University of Auckland 23-25 October 2019.

    This is open to all U21 Senior Leaders from member institutions, or university delegates participating on behalf of their Senior Leader.

    23 - 25 October 2019

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