Employability Group Open House

On 15 and 16 September U21 will host an Employability Group Open House to bring together leaders in employability across the U21 network. The one-hour session will focus on working with industry and community partners to create Work Integrated Learning opportunities and strategies and will feature insights from Prof Leeanne Pigott, Director of Work Integrated Learning, and James Meade, Head of Employability, from the University of New South Wales who have done a lot of work in this area in recent years. We will run the session twice to allow for global time zones. The sessions will allow colleagues from all 27 global U21 members to share their experiences, challenges and priorities in employability at the moment. We also have a number of new colleagues who have taken on leadership roles in employability during the pandemic so this will be an opportunity to connect with these new colleagues.

Ms Amber Bartlett
Event start date
15 September, 22:00
Event end date
16 September, 13:00
How to register

This session is invite online. Please contact Amber Bartlett if you have any queries.


You must be a member of the U21 Employability Group (or a nominated representative) to take part.