U21 and PwC Innovation Challenge

U21 and PwC's annual Innovation Challenge is now open for entries.

The new 2022 format of the competition is designed to encourage international collaboration and networking between students across borders and allow them to work together on real-world challenges.   

This innovative competition helps graduate students to:  

  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Create their own professional networks  
  • Take on real-world challenges  
  • Connect with other students across the globe 

To find out more about the competition please visit the competition webpage

Competition Webpage

Dr Connie Wan
Event start date
Event end date
How to register

You will need to submit a 3-minute video via your university in response to the challenge outlined above. Prospective entrants can refer to the ‘Information for Students’ section of this website for further details on how to enter and prepare for the competition. 


The competition is open to any registered graduate student in one of U21’s member universities (this includes students from taught and research masters programmes, MPhils etc., and PhDs). It is the responsibility of each U21 university to check the registration status of any student that they send forward as a finalist for adjudication. Students on joint PhDs between two U21 members are eligible to apply.