U21 Assessment and Feedback Forum

Join us as we discuss programme approaches to assessment and feedback and hear case studies from members. 

The forum will offer a unique opportunity for staff in our educational development units to come together and share practices and experiences with like-minded professionals across the globe.

The event will take place twice to accommodate time zones, you can view the time zones for the sessions by following these links:

You will notice that the events take place on two, consecutive days, instead of one day as in the past. We are trialling this approach so that if someone is unavailable on one whole day they may be able to attend on the next, and to make it easier for those who like to attend both sessions to fit this into their diaries. 

Session One

Chair - Mark Bradley, University of Nottingham


  • Amanda Sykes & Nicole Kipar, University of Glasgow. 'Setting the Scene' 
  • Katharine Reid and Carmen Tomas, University of Nottingham. 'Tackling institutional programme-level design: culture change and student voice'
  • Geraldine O'Neill, University College Dublin. 'An Institutional Framework to Support Programme Assessment and Feedback Approaches' 

Session Two

Chair - Peter Diplock, University of Connecticut


  • Alice Elizabeth Donlan, University of Maryland. 'The programme level learning outcomes assessment process, with a focus on curriculum maps for use in assessment'
  • Christine Slade and Shari Bowker, University of Queensland. 'Using ePortfolios for programmatic assessment and feedback: Benefits for student learning'
  • Lisa Coulson & Mark Hancock, University of Birmingham. 'Developing the Birmingham Assessment Model'


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How to register

Registration details will appear here nearer the time. 


This session is open to all those within the network who are involved in assessment and feedback from an educational perspective.