U21 Educational Innovation Symposium 2023 - Scoping the future in Higher Education: Transition or Transformation?

Uncertainty and disruptions have dictated the trajectory of Higher Education in recent years. Many areas of modern life, including all levels of the education sector, have been affected by the impact of the pandemic. Yet, transition in Higher Education is not a new concept. With many universities quickly implementing online options to their learning, research, and other operations, the Higher Education sector has shown an ability to adapt and innovate with great dexterity. However, many argue that now is the time for long-lasting transformation; be that in terms of curriculum, assessment practices or developing a new generation of educational leaders, global partnerships, and collaborative initiatives. We look forward to three days of intensive and engaging discussion as we explore these issues in depth, share our knowledge and prepare for a very different future.  

Hosted by McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, the 2023 U21 Educational Innovation Symposium will bring together colleagues across our global network as they confront the challenges and opportunities of this new era in Higher Education. 

Early arrivals accepted from Tuesday 27 June. Wednesday 28 June Steering Group meeting, Symposium Opening - updates from the year, Drinks receptions, Thursday 29 June keynote address, thematic workshops, symposium dinner, Friday 30 June look ahead and next steps, optional cultural activity, departure

The symposium will maximise the opportunity to bring Higher Education colleagues together face to face for the first time in four years. Over 3 days of keynote addresses and workshops, participants will: 

  • Explore the global strategic context for learning and teaching development 

  • Discuss, in depth, the strategic challenges and issues facing research-intensive universities in relation to the future development of learning and teaching and consider possible strategic institutional responses to these issues 

  • Share and examine current institutional strategies and policy settings for the development of learning and teaching, together with how these existing strategies and policies might need to change/evolve to enable institutions to address new strategic challenges/issues 

  • Explore possibilities for collaborations across the network to support and enhance the capacity of individual institutions to address these issues 

  • Explore what the U21 EI Cluster is doing and might undertake to support institutional responses to new issues and challenges 

  • Develop relationships and connections with peers 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Higher Education in the host country and the strategic priorities and challenges of the host institution.  

Each institution is invited to send 3 or more colleagues who are engaged in U21 Educational Innovation. 

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How to register

Members of the Educational Innovation Groups will be notified when applications open in Mid-February 2023.


This event will be for those engaged in U21 Educational Innovation groups and projects.