U21 Educational Innovation Symposium: Teaching for Sustainability

A banner with a picture of a cream building with magnolia blossoms on the right hand side and on the left the title of the event U21 Eduation Innovation Symposium:Teaching for Sustainability. 16 and 17 February 2022.

On February 16 & 17 2022, Lund University & U21 invite member universities to participate in a two-day Education Innovation Symposium on the topic Teaching for Sustainability.

We will address questions such as: What is the role of universities in advancing the global sustainability agenda through their teaching? What types of competencies and skills do we (industry) look for when recruiting change agents (our students)?

The symposium will include discussions, best practices and much more! The main target groups for the symposium are: educational leaders, deans of education, academic developers and all those with an interest in the topics. Some of the sessions will be open to and involving students. Further information will be available in January.  

Ms Frankie Ring
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Details will be given closer to the time.