U21 Student of the Future Symposium 2022

The student of the future is being shaped by the world of today.

Global higher education is facing a significant moment of transition. In the wake of a global pandemic, the pressures of climate change, geopolitical conflict and challenging economic conditions, what does the student of the future want and expect from their higher education experience? 

What are the drivers that will guide teaching, learning and research over the coming decades? How will education be consumed? And what is the new role of universities and their campuses in that? 

Join us for the U21 ‘Student of The Future’ Symposium on Monday 3 October & Tuesday 4 October to hear the latest thinking from across the globe.  We are running two sessions to offer a choice of times for our global membership, so please select the date and time option that suits you best.

>>> Register for Session One - Monday 3 October 2022 - 7.30pm BST

>>> Register for Session Two - Tuesday 4 October 2022- 7.30am BST

Our Student of the Future Panel 

- Rachel Sandison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow

- Jim Tudor, Founder, The Future Index

- Dr Annelies Raes, Tenure Track Professor, KU Leuven

- Prof Gonzalo Pizzaro, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, UC Chile

- Prof Joanne Wright, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Sydney

- Prof Marie Clarke, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, University College Dublin

- Shoutao Wu (Vincent), Student and U21 Programme Member, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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