U21 Symposium: Supporting Student Reflection for Greater Impact

As indicated in the research published by U21 in 2020, supported reflection can play an important role in encouraging greater student self-awareness. As well as being key for academic success, self-reflection also encourages students to think about the impact and benefits of activities such as mobility and extra-curricular opportunities on their personal and academic development, thus enhancing overall student outcomes and employability.

As a result of this research, the U21 employability group, led by the University of Queensland, has developed a U21 self-reflective toolkit for U21 students and staff across the network, supporting them to apply a reflective lens to their international and home-based activities, and to make the connection between these experiences and their employability development.

At this event, the project team will outline how self-reflection can add value to the work of educators and those working in the areas of Student Experience and introduce you to the resources available for students, alumni and university staff via the 'U21 Self-Reflection Toolkit'. 

The event will be run twice to allow for attendance from all time zones:

- Session One: Tuesday 9 March 22:00 (GMT). To see this event in your time zone, click here.

-Session Two: Wednesday 10 March 10:00 (GMT) To see this event in your time zone, click here

Ms Amber Bartlett
Event start date
09 March, 00:00
Event end date
10 March, 23:59
How to register

Please email amber.bartlett@universitas21.com.


This event is only open to staff for U21 member universities.