Confirmation of U21 events in light of the Coronavirus

U21 is aware that the impact of the Coronavirus is currently presenting considerable difficulties and concerns for members, particularly in planning foreign travel for both staff and students. As a result we have issued this update on arrangements for U21 meetings in the coming months.

 U21 has three events scheduled for April and May 2020:

  1. Researcher Engagement Meetings at the University of Connecticut (6 - 9 April 2020)
  2. Student Experience Steering Group meeting in San Francisco (14 - 15 April 2020)
  3. AGM & Presidential Meetings at the University of Zurich (6 - 8 May 2020)

At present the plans for these events remain unaffected, and they will be going ahead. However, we are actively monitoring the national and international public health and travel advisories and their implications for members in different world regions.  Should any major changes occur we will immediately communicate with U21 members. We look forward to seeing many of you at a U21 event in the next few months.

Rachel Edwards