Health Sciences Group’s Summer School takes on Antimicrobial Resistance

Health Sciences Summer School Group

The 2019 U21 Health Sciences Summer School is focussing on the complex topic of Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship.  42 Students from 13 Health Sciences Group Universities across the world attended a two-week summer school at the University of Birmingham in order to learn more about this immediate and threatening issue.

Summer School scholarships were offered to all U21 HSG member institutions, one $500 - $700 bursary per university depending on location.  Students attending the 2019 Summer School were from a variety of disciplines, including dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and, nursing & midwifery.

Students spend two weeks exploring a topic using workshops, presentations, lectures, self-directed learning and field trips.  Dr Dean Ironmonger from Public Health England gave a fascinating insight into how bacteria has become so drug resistant, delving into the history of antimicrobial resistance and explaining the current worrying situation, where there is only one class of antibiotic left which can treat multi-resistant bacterial infections.

Solange Barraza, a dentistry student from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile said, ‘I am really interested in how we can tackle antimicrobial resistance, especially in dentistry.  We have cases of TB in Chile and infection is a big problem because of illegal immigration issues.  It is great to share learning from all our countries.’ 

HSG Summer School lecture

Professor Damien Walmsley, from the University of Birmingham’s Medical School said, ‘The HSG Summer includes a very high standard of students as they have all competed for bursary funding to be here.  We have the best students from our member Universities and it is very exciting to welcome them all to Birmingham and our Summer School which is tackling this urgent issue.’   

To find out more about the work of the Health Sciences Group click here or contact Corrina Greenwood, Operations Manager – U21 Health Sciences Group.

R Edwards