RISE up and support student sustainability

RISE is U21's showcase of student-led projects in the areas of sustainable development, social enterprise and non-profit innovation. The video pitches we received are examples of some of the best projects within the U21 network, which are ready to scale up, reach more people, and make more positive change for society.

However, it can be difficult to take a social enterprise or innovation idea beyond small-scale, local implementation, into something bigger. Creating global impact is even more of a challenge! Therefore, U21 offers RISE projects the opportunity to access an international network of experts and supporters via Pledges.

Pledges can take many forms such as offers of mentoring, introductions to networks or sharing advice and support.

20 projects, involving 75 students, have been nominated from within the U21 network, each one taking positive steps to address societal challenges such as food security, public health, sustainability advocacy, poverty, inequality and inclusion. Each project team is looking for supporters and partnerships to help meet their development goals.

These projects offer a unique opportunity for the U21 network and its members to contribute to global challenges via grassroots, community-focused initiatives.

Mentoring: Can you offer an hour over Zoom to share your expertise? Or you could offer ongoing mentoring to a project or student? Take a look at the RISE showcase to find the student or project you could support to develop!

Create Connections Do you know people with expertise or experience that could help one of our RISE project? You can offer to connect our RISE students with people in your network who could help them take the next step! 

Share Advice: Do you have subject specific advice or resources you could share with students? Or some general advice about project management or working with industry?

Share: Everyone can support RISE finalists by sharing the RISE showcase with their networks on social media and other channels to increase the visibility of these fantastic projects!

To learn more about the projects and lend your support, visit the RISE Showcase now.


Amber Bartlett