U21 AGM and Presidential Meetings - Cancelled

Statement from Professor Bairbre Redmond, Provost of U21

Very regretfully, and in discussions with the University of Zurich’s (UZH) Acting President, Professor Dr Gabriele Siegert, and a U21 advisory group, we have decided to cancel the U21 AGM and Presidential Meetings. This is extremely disappointing for all concerned; the major planning already undertaken by Professor Siegert and her team has been exemplary and we were looking forward to a world-class event.

At a time when pressure to limit travel for sustainability reasons is on all our minds, U21 intends to turn the current loss of the AGM into an opportunity to try new ways of providing innovative online services, providing extra value to our members.   The U21 team will now look at how we can disseminate reports, network updates and new plans to members online in an interesting and engaging way.

We are truly disappointed not to be able to hold our AGM in Zurich, but we will be working to turn this crisis into new opportunities for our members.

R Edwards