U21 Anniversary Funding Supports the 3rd Asian Junior Linguists Conference

U21 Anniversary Funding supported the 3rd Asian Junior Linguists Conference which was held at the University of Hong Kong in October 2018.

Asian Junior Linguists (AJL) is committed to encouraging junior linguists (mainly undergraduates) to present their work at a formal academic conference.  The two day conference was part funded by U21 funding which allowed for 5 stipends for students from overseas. 

Asian Junior Linguistics Conference

Dr. Youngah Do, conference organiser, explains; 'Important contributions to a variety of sub-fields of linguistics come from Asia. Research areas as such include documentary linguistics focusing on endangered languages and theoretical and empirical linguistics focusing on Asian languages. Even so, there have been no known venues where junior linguists across Asian countries can gather to disseminate their research.'

'The AJL 3 provided an active and hospitable environment for discussion about students’ work in progress for undergraduate and graduate researchers, with a goal of encouraging and supporting their linguistic research. This event was able to offer students an opportunity to learn different areas of linguistics research within U21 community.  Some students and academic staff initiated collaborations across U21 institutions after the conference.'