U21 Global Education Funding supports online clinical teaching

GEEF Funding UQ

A team led by UQ with colleagues from University of Johannesburg and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile was granted US$15,000 from U21's Global Education Enhancement Fund to develop a suite of online clinical skills resources.

Project lead, Dr Allison Mandrusiak from UQ’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences said the winning project began during a Zoom meeting discussing the urgent need to teach clinical skills online during the COVID-19 disruptions.

Dr Mandrusiak said 'Clinical skills, for example in physiotherapy, traditionally require the teacher and learner to be face-to-face, in close-contact with hands on bodies for demonstration, feedback and assessment.  When we met via Zoom we shared our challenges and realised there was a significant unmet need for digital clinical skills resources.'

The goal of the U21 Global Education Enhancement Fund is to strengthen the network’s overall digital capacity to respond to current and future challenges in global education.  The funds will provide the team financial support to develop a suite of videos, toolkits and frameworks to deliver teaching, learning and assessment online.

Dr Mandrusiak concluded 'During this time of uncertainty, we come together with shared challenges, yet we see opportunities for how we engage with clinical skills online now and into the future.  I am grateful to U21 for this funding, and look forward to creating meaningful outcomes for learners and teachers.'

R Edwards