U21@21 funding for Teacher Education and Migration Colloquium

U21@21 funding supported the U21 Teacher Education and Migration Colloquium, held at the University of Nottingham in October 2018.  The project involved the Universities of Johannesburg, Lund and Nottingham.

U21 Funding Nottingham Colloquium
Representatives from Universities of Nottingham, Lund and Johannesburg at U21 Avenue, University of Nottingham

Human migration is occurring at unprecedented levels and yet little is known about how teacher educators and the teachers they work with are supported in addressing these challenges. Educational organisations must address the needs of migrants and mitigate the concerns and prejudices of local communities; but how to support teacher educators in changing global contexts in areas which might be outside their expertise is the challenge.

The colloquium held between U21 partners sought to draw on the diverse strengths and expertise of three U21 institutions to begin a collaborative partnership developing curriculum and resources that can be incorporated into a variety of professional teacher education programmes.

The workshop has since been repeated in Lund and in Johannesburg, and with FE college educators in Derbyshire UK. Emerging common themes are ‘whose knowledge counts?’ and ‘ways of being a teacher educator in changing contexts’.  Ethical approval is now being sought to conduct further research into the utility of the conceptual resource tool and approach which can be utilised with teacher educators and with training teachers.

Dr Joanna McIntyre from the University of Nottingham said, 'We now have a network of researchers and teacher educators in each institution who are committed to working together to further understand how to support students in our universities who are on teacher training programmes with questions about sensitive issues in our increasingly global classroom contexts.'

Rachel Edwards