U21/PwC Innovation Challenge Winner's Prize Week in Dubai

Humberto Jimenez Martinez, MBA student from the University of Queensland has just returned from a week long, expenses paid trip to Dubai courtesy of PwC Middle East. This was the first prize in the U21/PwC Innovation Challenge Round A which he won.

Rounds B and C of the competition are still to be completed, so for those people who are thinking of entering or currently trying to win, here is a taster of Humberto’s incredible experience.

Humberto Jiminez Martinez Dubai PwC

Humberto’s challenge set by PwC, saw students communicate their specialist knowledge, skills and talents to potential employers, via the medium of video. Students were asked to respond to the idea of working in a world where innovation rules and automation and ‘thinking machines’ are replacing human tasks. Passionate about the future of work, Humberto decided to enter the competition.

He recounts, “During the challenge, I have learned a lot about how to conduct proper research, how to gather a lot of data sources, synthesize information, and come up with good insights and a solid conclusion.”

Humberto Dubai 2018

Humberto spent a week in Dubai meeting staff from PwC Middle East, and visiting the sights of Dubai, which for him included the Prime Minister’s Office. Part of his prize was to receive coaching at the PwC Academy in Dubai. He said, “The coaching was excellent. The coach was a really good motivator and he was very passionate. He provided a good framework for me to set goals for my future.”

He goes on, “Winning this competition has given me a boost of confidence, I know for a fact that I have the necessary skills to be successful in consulting, which is what I want to pursue. I have also been gaining a lot of exposure to several firms that have been showing interest in me.”

Humberto now wants to find a career in consulting where he can have an impact on the community and society and where he is able to share his experience with younger generations and get them prepared for the future of work. 

Humberto PwC Dubai

For more details of Humberto’s trip read his account on LinkedIn or watch his video account.