University of California, Davis and University of Maryland win NAFSA awards

Two U21 universities have been awarded the 2020 Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalisation in the NAFSA Awards.

UC Davis
University of Maryland logo

The University of California, Davis won the “Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalisation” which distinguishes excellence in integrating international education throughout all facets of university and college campuses.  The University of Maryland won the “Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award” for its Year of Immigration; this award recognises a specific international programme or initiative that contributes to internationalisation on campus.

Named after the late Senator Paul Simon of Illinois, the NAFSA Simon Awards recognise outstanding innovation and accomplishment in campus internationalisation, defined by NAFSA as a conscious effort to integrate and infuse international, intercultural and global dimensions into the ethos and outcomes of their students’ education.

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R Edwards