A prize winning week in Dubai with the U21/PwC Innovation Challenge

Mac Montana won the Group B PwC/U21 Innovation Challenge, and was invited to spend a week with PwC in Dubai.  Along with a warm welcome, Mac received specialist career coaching and opportunities to learn more about how PwC is preparing the workforce of the future. 

Mac Montana visit PwC Dubai
Mac Montana PwC Innovation Challenge Winner

Mac explains, 'Since I am an aspiring forensic accountant, I met with a member of the Forensic Accounting Team, learning about her career path and the team’s most common types of projects. I also participated in a coaching session with one of PwC’s most experienced coaches. In the session, I received some helpful suggestions for actions I can take to strengthen relationships with my colleagues and make communication easier.'

'Participating in the Innovation Challenge and my interactions with the team at PwC Middle East in Dubai made me think differently about the skills I am seeking from professional development. It is good (and sometimes necessary) to acquire new technical knowledge and certifications, but I am now convinced that my career prospects depend most heavily on my people-centered skills: showing empathy, building relationships, and communicating kindly and effectively with colleagues and clients alike.'

'The trip to Dubai was a smorgasbord of information and ideas, and I look forward to seeing how the experience continues to change the way I work as these ideas continue to percolate over time.'


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