2023 U21 Presidential Symposium - Call For Panellists

Universitas 21 and our hosting partner for the upcoming AGM, the University of Queensland, are seeking expressions of interest from potential expert panellists for our 2023 Presidential Symposium event. 

Students walking in front of the main building at University of Queensland

The hybrid event will take place on 26 April 2023 at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

This opportunity offers a chance for expert voices to connect with our global membership, present their successes, share best practice and discuss the challenges in addressing the climate change issues our world is facing, alongside other experts from a variety of backgrounds. Talking to a group of influential senior officials from across the world's research-led universities, it's also a chance to make stronger connections with the University of Queensland and other U21 member institutions in Australia and globally.

We are interested to hear from those who have expertise in sustainability. There may be people within your networks who would also be interested in this opportunity - experts who would gain value from connecting with our community of education leaders. If there is someone you think would benefit from speaking at the event, please share this page with them.

Panel Discussions
Landscape changing with the climate

The theme of our 2023 Presidential is 'Partnering for Change: What role do universities have in achieving a net-zero future?'

Nations around the world are required to halve their emissions by 2030 and to set net-zero targets by 2025 to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Universities in the U21 network have the capacity to provide knowledge leadership and expertise to address climate change and to ensure today’s challenges are not passed on to future generations. Our Presidential Symposium will look at these issues in the context of what higher education can do to hone research, support students and work with government and industry to drive positive change.

We're seeking expert panellists for sessions on the following topics:

  1. Teaching and learning to support a new energy future 

Experts will unpack the role of universities in shaping future leaders and the opportunities and challenges involved in embedding sustainability and net-zero ambitions in programs across all career levels.   

  1. Harnessing interdisciplinary research expertise and knowledge leadership 

By harnessing research strengths, particularly relating to bioeconomy, universities will be able to shift the global economy’s reliance on oil and coal. Experts will explore how developing new materials, medicines and fuels will lead to a more sustainable future. 

  1. Partnering with industry and government to drive policy agendas 

Meaningful partnerships to support a transition to a cleaner future and to advance ‘green’ policy agendas are needed across public and private sectors, linking research and innovation with governments and private partners. We will look at how universities can work with industry and government to advise on policy and drive goal-directed research. 

How to nominate a panellist 

If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague to join our panels, please complete this Expression of Interest form and submit to Teresa Winch via international.visits@uq.edu.au

Please note that all submissions must be received by Monday 30 January. They will then be reviewed, and successful panellists notified by the end of February 2023.

Selection Criteria 

Applications will be reviewed by the panel against the following criteria, looking especially at these areas: 

  • Specialist expertise 

  • Relevance of work to the panel topic 

  • Geographic diversity 

  • Experience in collaborative engagement with stakeholders – government, business and/or community 

  • Availability to present in person or online 

Format and Delivery 

Each panel session will last approximately 45 minutes. Presenters and panel chairs from our hosting partner, the University of Queensland, will lead each discussion and the question-and-answer session.

Whilst ideally, panellists will present in person, the Symposium will be delivered as a hybrid event both to an in-person audience and simultaneously filmed and live-steamed remotely. Our online platforms will encourage real-time collaboration and feedback from those who attend virtually. The University of Queensland will support all panellists attending in person to connect with the university community to maximise the value of their visit.