Professor Kuroda, Waseda University wins a U21 Award

Professor Kazuo Kuroda from the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies was presented with the prestigious U21 Award at the U21 AGM for his remarkable contribution to the internationalisation of higher education. 

​  Professor Kazuo Kuroda, from Waseda University, Japan.  ​
Professor Kazuo Kuroda, Waseda University

In his acceptance speech, Professor Kuroda made special mention of “Good Citizenship,” one of the three founding principles of Waseda University. He shared that the Waseda community has always strived to make contributions to the world, not restricting them to one’s country.

Waseda also presented their case study, at the Presidential Symposium, “Connecting Educational Institutions and the Global Society through Social Development Goals (SDGs).” During the presentation, President Tanaka introduced Waseda’s efforts and directions in education, research and social contribution while Professor Gemma, vice-president for international affairs, shared how Waseda is working on fulfilling SDGs in research and education. At the Q&A session, Waseda received many questions from the floor, some of them on student support related to “resilient intellect” and “flexible sensibility.”

The annual presidential meeting was not only an event for exchange between member universities but also an excellent opportunity for Waseda to raise its presence on the international stage. The university will continue to actively participate in similar international consortiums in the future to promote Waseda’s research and educational activities overseas as part of its goal to realize a Waseda that shines on the global stage.

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