A Guide to U21 Activities and Opportunities 2021

U21 provides a range of development activities for students, researchers as well as senior academic and professional staff at our 27 member universities. The opportunities include extra-curricular incentives such as competitions, continuing professional development workshops and meetings, support and sharing best practice around delivery, and development of strategy and policy in Higher Education. The images below provide a visual of the activities and opportunities taking place for the rest of 2021. Further information will be distributed to members in due course, but please do contact us on u21@universitas21.com if you have any questions.

Guide to U21 Activities 2021

Below we have listed many of the activities and meetings that will be taking place until December 2021. Using the colour key below, you are able to see the audience for each of these activities. 

Key to U21 Activities
Table of activities June - Dec 21
Activity Table Jan - May 22

Guide to U21 Opportunities 2021

The table below show the U21 opportunities available until December 2021.  Using the colour key below, you are able to see which cluster each of these activities is most relevant for.  

Opportunities Graphic