The U21 Awards

The U21 Awards are designed to recognise, reward, celebrate and publicise the achievements of individuals or teams whose work has upheld and has furthered the network’s principles of internationalisation.  On this page you can complete the nomination form for the U21 Awards.  Please ensure you have read the information below carefully before submitting your nomination. The deadline for submissions is Thursday 16th December. 

Nomination Criteria
  • The work of the nominee(s) must demonstrate that they have made an evidence-based, impactful contribution to one or more aspects of internationalising higher education and / or furthering SDG action within or between U21 institutions.  
  • Nominees must have had a substantial impact, above and beyond that expected in
    a successful academic / professional career.  

Their work must address at least one of the following elements within, and ideally, between U21 institutions: 

  • internationalisation of research; International scholarly collaborations / research on international and global issues / research for human development etc., which have shown significant impact in international policy and practice. 
  • internationalisation of education; Activities that have significantly enhance opportunities for mobility and exchange; internationalisation of the curriculum; internationalisation of the student experience; international learning experiences; innovative work with international students; pedagogical innovation in teaching, learning and assessment contributing to the education of graduates, ready to enter an international world of work; 
  • internationalisation of the campus; Activities that have made a special contribution to international diversification of staff and student communities; multi and intercultural understanding; service provision for international students; role of the campus in its local, regional and international communities; 
  • internationalisation of governance and administration of the university; Evidence of innovation and practices in strategic planning and development and implementation, with successful results that go beyond the local and national; 
  • internationalisation of contributions towards SDG action: Evidence of activities that have brought together multiple stakeholders, both within, between and beyond individual institutions, and delivered collaborative activities that have advanced outcomes of the SDGs across research, education, campus operations and/or community partnerships. 
Nominees will:  
  • be a member of staff and / or team (faculty or professional services) at a U21 member university; 
  • be a role model both within the university and / or with other universities; 
  • not necessarily be someone who is employed specifically to drive internationalisation efforts, rather who has achieved particularly valuable gains in the international sphere and is recognised for this both within and outside their own university. 
  • not be a former President of a U21 member or an existing, or former, Senior Leader (previously, ‘Manager’). 
Nominators must evidence: 
  • The impact and effectiveness of the work of the nominee. 
  • The contribution of the nominee to the internationalisation of higher education. 
  • The unique quality of the nominee’s contribution above and beyond their expected professional deliverables. 
Please note:

This nomination will remain confidential. Nominators are requested not to contact the nominee prior to nomination. All nominations will be sent to your institution's U21 Senior Leader for approval before being submitted to the panel.

Nominees will be notified that they were nominated for an award (via a letter of recognition from the U21 Provost) unless the nominator requests explicitly within the submission form that this does not happen.

Thank you for your interest in the U21 Awards 2021, we look forward to receiving your nomination.   

Nomination Form