Korea University

Korea University, founded in 1905, is widely acknowledged as one of the top universities in Korea. Its reputation for quality is based on excellence in teaching and research, as well as service to Korean society. Eminent faculty, outstanding students, and internationally recognized research programs all contribute to the University’s academic fame.

As a major private comprehensive university of 37,000 students, Korea University offers a rich variety of courses in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as in professional fields of Law, Medicine and Business Administration. Today over 40% of all courses are lectured in English, with the percentage expected to increase by 2020.

Korea University enjoys a tradition and reputation incomparable to any other university in Korean society. Established during the final years of the Chosun Dynasty, the University was created by royal edict when Emperor Gojong sought a modern university as a means of sculpting national identity and averting Japanese colonialism. “National salvation through education” became the founding spirit of the University.

Today, Korea University continues to play a special role as the guardian of Korean tradition and self-determination, while making global impacts. As one of the country’s oldest and largest universities, Korea University offers studies in a broad range of subjects and unequalled depth in resources and facilities. Though each of its colleges, divisions and graduate schools are highly competitive, perhaps Korea University is most recognized for its strong programs in Law, Business Administration, and the Humanities. It is also renowned for its innovative work in engineering, advanced technologies, medicine as well as in international and Korean Studies.

The University has more than 400 bilateral global partners for academic collaboration and student exchange, as it has placed a strong emphasis on international education: through these partnerships, every year over 1,200 students study abroad. The University campus is truly global with over 4,000 international students studying at KU in various programs.