University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of North America’s largest public research and teaching institutions, and one of only two Canadian institutions consistently ranked among the world’s 40 best universities. Surrounded by the beauty of the Canadian West, it is a place that inspires bold, new ways of thinking that have helped make it a national leader in areas as diverse as community service learning, sustainability and research commercialisation. UBC offers more than 55,000 students a range of innovative programmes and attracts $550 million per year in research funding from government, non-profit organisations and industry through 7,000 grants.

UBC was established in 1908 and has been situated on a Pacific Ocean peninsula called Point Grey bordering the city of Vancouver since 1925. A second campus, UBC Okanagan was opened in September 2005 as a distinctive, small university campus in a valley in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It has over 3,500 faculty members, the largest percentage of faculty members with doctorates of any Canadian university, 10 Royal Society members and over 180 Royal Society of Canada members.

UBC has one of the largest university research libraries in Canada. Furthermore, the university has consistently ranked among the top ten universities in North America in creating spin-off companies (more than 140) and has been the top university in Canada in filing patents.

Internationalisation is expressed in the university’s mission, core values, and responsibilities towards a world in which communities are increasingly interdependent. Each year the university welcomes over 7,500 international students, along with a highly diverse population of Canadian students.

Partnerships with universities in Korea, Mexico, Japan and China lets UBC students live and learn alongside students from these countries. Students who wish to study abroad can take advantage of student exchange and mobility programmes with 150 partner universities in 35 countries for up to two consecutive terms while remaining registered at UBC. Students who participate get a fresh academic perspective, an opportunity to strengthen their language skills, and that rare chance to immerse themselves in another culture.