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Social Work and Forced Migration Webinar - 22nd June 2021

The U21 Community of Practice webinar on the Role of Social Work in Forced Migration was co-organised by The University of Edinburgh, University College Dublin, University of Johannesburg and the University of Lund, with Dr. George Palattiyil (UoE) leading.

The webinar brings together latest research findings on the lives of refugees from five countries and provides an opportunity to discuss and reflect on social work’s commitment to social justice and a shared humanity with those who are forcibly displaced.

U21 Global Mobility Week Timetable

U21 Global Mobility Week - 15-19 November 2021

From 15-18 November 2021, U21 hosted a week long opportunity for colleagues across U21 to come together around the theme 'Looking Ahead'. The week long programme of events, all related to Global Mobility, consisted of nine sessions hosted by sixteen mobility group members. Please click on the images to view the recordings, or look at the session description to download and access other resources.

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DS3 Collaborative Group Seminar Series

The DS3 Collaborative Group promote and contribute to the sharing of expertise, performance indicators and measures, and data sharing across institutions, to support and inform strategic planning within and across Universitas 21 (U21) network institutions. 

In November the group hosted a series of webinars which can be viewed via the links below.