About Us

Universitas 21 (U21) is a unique global network that brings together 28 world-leading, research-intensive universities who share a common belief in the value of collaboration and internationalisation. From Belgium to Chile, South Korea to South Africa, our member-led initiatives and programmes are designed to benefit staff, students and member institutions, through sharing resources, learning together and co-designing solutions to our common challenges.  

By connecting like-minded universities, U21 enables our members to achieve more together through a portfolio of activities which connect three core university priorities: student experience, researcher engagement and educational innovation. This unique combination ensures our members remain at the forefront of the latest international developments in higher education.  

Key Benefits of Membership:  
Our Network 

A global network of 28 partners, we are inclusive, agile and responsive; committed to providing opportunities that are tailored to our members’ needs 


We connect our members with a network of trusted partners; bringing together global perspectives, enabling discussion and developing initiatives which could not be delivered through a single university or bi-lateral agreement   

Peer support 

We provide peer support and connections for our members at all stages of their professional and academic pathways, from undergraduate students through to university senior leaders 

A global perspective 

We offer a distinctive portfolio which connects three core university priorities: student experience, researcher engagement and educational innovation. This unique combination ensures our members remain at the forefront of the latest international developments within higher education 


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Welcome to Universitas 21 by Professor Jenny Dixon