About Us

Universitas 21 (U21) is a leading global network of 27 research-intensive universities, spanning 18 countries and six continents. Our vision is to inspire collaboration across the network to make the world a more knowledgeable, enlightened and inclusive place.  We do this by empowering our member Universities to share excellence, collaborate beyond borders and nurture knowledge exchange across the globe. 

U21 is a Presidents-led network of world leading, research-intensive universities, which works on shared issues of importance to member universities and to global higher education more generally. Our member-led initiatives and programmes are designed to inform and assist the development of our staff and students. We empower our members to collaborate, exchange knowledge and enhance their ability to work in partnership with their wider communities. By connecting people across borders and cultures, U21 enables our members to achieve more together. 

U21 has a sister network, U21 Health Sciences, which includes schools of medicine and dentistry from 19 U21 universities. 

U21 is a network which:

  • Advocates the benefits of internationalisation and its critical importance in higher education.
  • Builds trust, facilitates collaboration, and promotes the results and impact of global partnerships
  • Raises the profile of its members and amplifies their individual and collective successes.
  • Is member focused; continuously identifying and responding to members’ needs in a tailored and agile way.
  • Posters and promotes a global outlook, uniquely providing a bespoke peer to peer offering across all groups involved with U21. 


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Welcome to Universitas 21 by Professor Jenny Dixon