About Us

Universitas 21 (U21) is a leading global network of 27 research-intensive universities that empowers its members to share excellence, collaborate across borders and nurture global knowledge exchange.

Committed to promoting the value of internationalisation and multinational collaboration, U21 facilitates the delivery of programmes, activities and initiatives, which could not be delivered through a single university or via bi-lateral agreements.

U21 is a network which:

  • Advocates the benefits of internationalisation and its critical importance in higher education.
  • Builds trust, facilitates collaboration, and promotes the results and impact of global partnerships
  • Raises the profile of its members and amplifies their individual and collective successes.
  • Is member focused; continuously identifying and responding to members’ needs in a tailored and agile way.
  • Fosters and promotes a global outlook, uniquely providing a bespoke peer to peer offering across all groups involved with U21.   

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Professor Sir David Eastwood's Introduction to the Network