The Benefits of Internationalisation

What are the Benefits of Internationalisation?

International Flags

Universitas 21 creates the opportunity for shared excellence, shared knowledge and shared experiences.  It empowers students and staff from 27 world-class universities to share excellence, collaborate across borders and nurture international knowledge exchange.  The network supports and promotes international education and extols the benefits of internationalisation - but what are those benefits? 

We have distilled what we believe are the 5 key benefits of internationalisation and linked them to examples of where U21 members have most powerfully demonstrated the results of that benefit:

Sharing best practice to deliver solutions to global, national, and local issues

  • The University of California, Davis and University College Dublin come together to further develop education, research, innovation and cultural links between the both institutions , particularly in the field of agriculture, food and one health - read more 

  • Driving continual improvement through learning from others’ experiences and benchmarking against world leading institutions

    The U21 Early Career Researcher Workshops offer members from all over the world a chance to come together to exchange knowledge and ideas across disciplines and borders - read more 

  • Remaining outward focused ensures a worldwide outlook in the face of increasing anti-global sentiment

    U21's RISE programme has seen students from all over the world come together to address some of the world's most pressing issues - read more

  • The power and influence of a truly cooperative global network offers an opportunity to influence policy, strategy, and perceptions

    Research Leaders from U21 universities took up the invitation to meet MEPs, Director Generals and other stakeholders at the European Parliament and gave their perspectives and advice on the role of international collaboration in Horizon Europe, an ambitious €100 billion research and innovation programme that will succeed Horizon 2020 - read more

  • Understanding and benefiting from different perspectives & cultural diversity nourishes personal and institutional growth

    The Educational Innovation Annual Symposium enables practitioners and educational administrators to come together to offer their global perspectives on how teaching and learning practices and policies can be enhanced and improved around the network - read more