Student Mobility Group

The aim of the U21 Student Mobility Group is to enhance student mobility within Universitas 21 by: 

  • Sharing information and best practice
  • Promoting collegial interaction
  • Collaborating on student mobility projects
  • Engaging in professional development.


The group includes a nominated U21 Student Mobility Officer (SMO) from each member institution. The Student Mobility Group meet annually, creating an important forum for SMOs to meet and discuss issues of common interest as well as progress the U21 student mobility agenda through collegial interaction and collaborative projects. 

Co-Chairs of the Student Mobility Group

Maribel Florez, UC Chile and Eve Brosseau, UCD



Key Contact


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    Universitas 21 Global Citizens is an online leadership development course for students, delivered by Common Purpose, a global not-for-profit organisation that specialises in Cross-Boundary Leadership, with 75 student spaces available per member institution.

    4 October - 22 October 2021
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    The U21 Mobility Group will come together across the week to discuss key topics and issues in global mobility.

    15 November - 19 November

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