Student Mobility Group

The aim of the U21 Student Mobility Group is to enhance student mobility within Universitas 21 by: 

  • Sharing information and best practice
  • Promoting collegial interaction
  • Collaborating on projects facilitating international experiences for students
  • Engaging in professional development.


The group includes a nominated U21 Student Mobility Officer (SMO) from each member institution. The Student Mobility Group meet online to discuss issues of common interest and to share best practice. The Student Mobility Group are key contacts for the U21 Global Student , connecting students from their institution with opportunities to engage with the U21 global student network. 

Co-Chairs of the Student Mobility Group

Maribel Florez, UC Chile and Eve Brosseau, UCD



Key Contact


  • 2 people working toether

    The Mobility Group will come together in two online session to connect with colleagues across the network on the topic of sustainability in internationalisation.

    25 October 2023

Representative Group