Educational Innovation Cluster's Position Statement and Film

4th Industrial Revolution Position Statement

Please find the Educational Innovation Cluster's latest Position Statement (U21 Universities’ Education Position Statement on The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Future of the University) and a short film of their recent meeting. 

This U21 Universities’ Educational Position Statement was drawn up, reviewed and refined following a series of meetings by those Senior Educational Leaders attending the U21 Educational Symposium in October 2019. It represents the collective views of the network’s university educational leaders in global research-intensive universities on a key educational topic. The significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on universities, and the subsequent, rapid transformation of most global higher education teaching, learning and assessment to online platforms, post-dates this paper. However, this paper shows that, in their discussions, the U21 Senior Educational Leaders were already highlighting the pressing need to develop well-designed, adaptable approaches to fast-changing higher educational needs. Little did they know how soon they would be implementing so many of these changes, and continuing to use their colleagues in the U21 network to share resources, ideas and solutions.

Position Statement