Student Experience Steering Group

The U21 Student Experience Steering Group oversees the student experience activities delivered through U21.


U21 Student Experience group connects members to broaden and enhance the student experience around the U21 network. The SE Steering Group oversees this work and the work of the sub-groups: the Student Mobility Group and the Careers and Employability Group.

We support events, collaborative activities and projects including the annual U21 Supported Summer School and the U21 Global Ingenuity Challenge. We also work together to increase student mobility between member universities.

Our objectives

  • To increase effectiveness and impact of activities by building on current success with regard to developmental student experiences, extending the type and range of student mobility and increasing active student engagement. To explore the role that students who previously participated in U21 activities play in informing and enhancing student engagement.
  • To develop new, flexible and non-traditional short-term and virtual opportunities to increase overall student mobility.
  • To monitor the impact and learning outcomes of international aspects of student experience, document good practice and benchmark these across the network.
  • On the basis of the activities above, support the development of global citizenship within the U21 student body.

Chair of the Student Experience Steering Group

Professor Joanne Wright, University of Queensland

Key Contact


  • Belfield House at UCD

    Members of the Student Experience Steering Group will be meeting in San Francisco to review and agree the strategic direction of U21's student experience portfolio.

    14-15 April 2020
  • University of Zurich 4

    All Presidents and Vice Chancellors of U21 member universities, along with U21 Senior Leaders, are invited to attend the AGM and Presidential Symposium, which will be hosted by the University of Zurich in 2020.  The 2020 theme will be around 'Sustainable Universities for Sustainable Societies' working toward our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    6th - 8th May 2020

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