Educational Innovation Teaching Practices Survey Project

This study presents information gathered from a survey on the teaching practices employed in the classroom within U21 Universities.  The study has also produced a tool, ‘The Teaching Practices Survey Instrument’ (available to U21 members) designed to explore teaching practices; to gain insight into changes in the way that classes are delivered over time; and to probe attitudes towards teaching, learning, and institutional support for these activities 

The U21 survey is a customised version of a tool originally produced by the University of British Columbia.  In 2015 this tool was used to collect data from teaching staff at 8 Universitas21 institutions in East Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America.    The study noted 5 key findings around: 

  • Concerns around increasing class sizes 

  • The need for teaching support 

  • Belief student centred pedagogies are important for student learning 

  • Concerns regarding workload expectations 

  • The perception institutions do not value teaching as highly as research  


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