U21 Mobility Data Report

Mobility Report 2018 front cover

Student mobility is widely recognised as one of the most important aspects of a globalised higher education system. It is also a key benefit of U21 membership, which offers increased access to mobility programmes, and better connections between organisations exchanging students. 

Since 2005 U21 has conducted an annual census of undergraduate and postgraduate student mobility occurring within the U21 network to assess the extent to which U21 partners are exchanging students on short- and long-term mobility programmes. External consultants Explore and Study have worked in partnership with U21 to manage the project.

The U21 network is the largest, truly global network of prestigious research-intensive universities, with a membership spanning six continents. This annual census not only tracks the significance of mobility within the network, but also offers an invaluable insight into the trends in higher education student mobility across student cohorts and geographical regions.