U21 3MT® 2023 Competition

The Universitas 21 3MT® competition brings together the very best doctoral students from around the world in a global arena. Students are challenged to present the key information on their thesis in just three minutes - getting right to the heart of their research and communicating clearly to a wider audience around the world. Below are the entries for our 2023 competition.

2023 winners

1st Place: Seow Wei Lun, National University of Singapore

Highly Commended: Cam Hoffbeck, University of Auckland.

People's Choice: Diret Bitrus Tang’an, University of Nottingham

Investigating the use of nonconventional pulse shapes in deep brain stimulation for essential tremor

Alexandra Boogers
  • KU Leuven
  • Message in a Bottle

    Nathalie Silva
  • Lund University
  • Chunking: Learning from Memory Games for the Game of Life

    Seow Wei Lun
  • National University of Singapore
  • The Universe in a Bowl of Ramen

    Macarena Droguett Callejas
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Harnessing Nature’s Wisdom for Sustainable Manufacturing

    Jorge Alfredo Estrada Díaz
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Communication Identity Gap and Adaptation Behavior among Women Entrepreneurs

    Likha Sari Anggreni
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • Decade of violence: How authoritian regimes instigate violence and hate crimes against marginalised groups

    Sergey Katsuba
  • University College Dublin
  • The Tuatara Microbiome: Environmental Influences and Conservation Implications.

    Cam Hoffbeck
  • University of Auckland
  • What does sexual violence care seeking look like when very few care?

    Sarah Rockowitz
  • University of Birmingham
  • Grandmas, Ghosts, and Genes

    Julia Mouat
  • University of California, Davis
  • When HIV meets depression

    Arish Mudra Rakshasa-Loots
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • The Fountain of Youth

    Dani Assi
  • University of Glasgow
  • Computational fragment-based design of small molecules for the treatment of hypertension aided by Artificial Intelligence

    Odifentse Lehasa
  • University of Johannesburg
  • The Association Between Women’s Autonomy and Maternal Health Outcomes in Afghanistan

    Sahra Ibrahimi
  • University of Maryland
  • Eye-opening Education for Doctors

    Sascha Spencer
  • UNSW Sydney
  • Hope for the environment: microwave heating

    Diret Bitrus Tang'an
  • University of Nottingham
  • The best mattress is a zinc mattress

    Emily Cooper
  • The University of Queensland
  • When bulking up becomes a problem

    Jordan Martenstyn
  • The University of Sydney
  • Searching in a messy room - Liquid biopsy for tracking kidney cancer

    Harini Lakshminarayanan
  • University of Zurich