Bringing leading global universities together to improve Student Experience, Researcher Engagement and Educational Innovation.

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Universitas 21 (U21) is a leading global network of research-intensive universities that empowers its members to share excellence, collaborate across borders and nurture global knowledge exchange. Committed to promoting the value of internationalisation and multinational collaboration, U21 facilitates the delivery of programmes, activities and initiatives, which could not be delivered through a single university or via bi-lateral agreements. 

U21 Overview Leaflet

Professor Sir David Eastwood, U21’s President - introduction to Universitas 21

Our Origins

Founded in 1997, with just 11 members, at the University of Melbourne, Universitas 21 has now grown into to a vibrant and important global community of world-class universities. Our progressive approach has helped develop and nurture a network of over 1 million students and 200,000 staff members from 27 universities focussed on fostering global citizenship and encouraging institutional innovation.

It is testament to those members who have been with the network since its inception, and those who have joined over the intervening years, that U21's founding shared vision of 'promoting internationalisation across higher education' is still pertinent, coherent and ever more relevant today.

In a world where social and cultural barriers are increasing, we believe the universal need for more open, collaborative interaction has never been more profound. To achieve this, we actively champion the sharing of ideas, resources and perspectives that transcend physical borders. By connecting the expertise within 27 world-class universities, we nurture the fundamental shift in thinking required to create a more inclusive and enlightened society.